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Inspired Interactive is an online marketing consultancy based in South Manchester. We provide innovative, creative and exciting online marketing solutions for your business.

By choosing Inspired Interactive you will be working with experienced professionals who have honed their skills creating hundreds of online solutions for some of the UK’s most prestigious blue chips as well as countless small and medium sized businesses

Now you can benefit from that experience. Regardless of project size, each client receives the same meticulous attention to detail that their business demands.

Inspired services for your business

We believe in creating the right mix of products, services and tools that will lead to the right business results for you.

Broadly speaking our services are split into seven main areas:

  • Website Development
  • Online Advertising and Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Blog Creation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Project Management

Please contact us today and discover how we can deliver the best solution for you.


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Responsive website design is not just for mobile

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Responsive website design is not just for mobile

Responsive website design has been a key trend in recent years for its ability to reshape the layout of a web page to suit smaller screens, meaning non-essential page elements can be hidden or moved further down to leave the most important content up top. The obvious example of this – and the one most people refer to when talking about responsive web design – is on a smartphone, where websites no longer need to redirect the browser to a specific mobile template, but instead can dynamically adjust the page to suit the smaller screen resolution. But responsive websites are responsive regardless of the device used to access them – and this has its benefits across smartphones of different screen sizes, tablets and conventional desktop and laptop computers alike. For example, the very concept behind the Windows operating system is the ability to run different programs at the same time in their own separate windows – hence the name. With responsive web design, if a user resizes their browser window, your web page dynamically resizes itself to fit – and on a good responsive site, if you make the browser window small enough, you should eventually see the site displayed just as it would be on a small smartphone screen. There’s more vertical scrolling as page elements stack up on top of each other, but there’s usually no awkward horizontal scrolling, which has always been the bane of web design. Importantly, you can also adjust structural page elements like your navigation or your sidebar, to ensure they are still usable in a much smaller browser window, or to hide them completely if they are non-essential. Responsive website design is unlocking much more flexible layouts on all devices, not just for the mobile web – making it a worthy investment for your next site update even if the bulk of your traffic comes via desktop devices. Share...

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